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Our organization

Waste Managemnet of Eastern Skaraborg (AÖS) was founded in 2000. AÖS was Sweden´s first example of direct cooperation between municipalities in the field of waste managemnet. The name indicates where the organization is located, in the eastern part of Skaraborg.

Today AÖS consists of nine member municipalities with 170 000 inhabitants.

Our work

AÖS activities are limited to household waste. In Sweden the responsibility for waste collection and treatment are shared between municipalities, industries and producers. The municipalities and therefore AÖS are liable for household waste.

Information, local legislation, curb-side collection, recycling centres, waste treatment and many more activities are all part of AÖS responsibilities. Turnover during 2016 was approximately 13 million Euro.

Curb-side collection

Curb-side collection is done at all households within our municipalities. This includes collection of household waste from about 40 000 small houses and 40 000 flats and about 1 500 cottage summer houses. In Falköping, one of the member municipalities, food waste is collected on volontary basis from small houses located in urban areas.

Curb-side collection is financed through fees from households. The fee is based on the size of the waste bin and how often it is collected. The most common fee is about 170 Euro per year.

Recycling centres

Whitin our area we maintain seventeen recycling centres. At these centres inhabitants can sort all kinds of hazardous and bulky waste.

The fees from households covers the costs that are associated with recycling centres and households can therefore bring their waste to these centres whitout paying for it. This fact and our long-term work with education and information together with the increasing environmental awareness assure that our recycling centres are well used.